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5 things you should know about dental implants

October 1, 2017

If you have lost one or more teeth, this can obviously blight your appearance whenever you part your lips. It’d be a great pity to draw attention to gaps in your teeth as you talk; however, you do not have to settle for this, as we offer dental implants at our practices in Leicester and Corby. Dental implants consist of a replacement “root” with a prosthetic tooth attached. If you are considering dental implants, here are 5 crucial pieces of information about them.

Dental implants are neither bridges nor dentures
At Natural Smiles, we offer various forms of treatment for replacing missing teeth – and you should be careful not to become confused about differences between them. A bridge is where a couple of adjacent teeth are filed. Dentures, meanwhile, are – completely removable and prone to movement, but effectively replace missing teeth. However, they lack the implant component.

You can expect implants to be long-lasting
A New York University dean told TIME that a proper implant is without physical drawbacks and will stay intact for a long time. How long? We can elaborate on these comments from Dr Mark Wolff, associate dean of the university’s College of Dentistry. While dentures can remain over many years in accordance with gum movement and oral hygiene, implants will last much longer – as they replace not simply the lost tooth, but also the root that went missing.

Dental implants’ success rate can reach 95%
Your dental health and the place of the implants could affect this success rate, cautions HuffPost. However, the success rate of dental implants tends to be up to 95%. In fact, the percentage at the highest end of this scale is our own Leicester practice’s record with dental implants. The specific implants we use are Ankylos varieties, which are made to be more stable than standard alternatives. They can also more effectively fuse with the surrounding gum in the jaw.

Implants can thoroughly replace teeth roots
Once you have lost a tooth, this leaves a physical gap which was previously taken by that tooth’s root. While many tooth replacement procedures aim to replace only the tooth’s crown, an implant can occupy the void left by the root. When we put an implant in place, it will touch the bone and thus lead it to grow fresh tissue around what it deems a genuine root. Therefore, the implant will be anchored to the jaw, the bone mass of which would instead deteriorate without a new “root”.

Implants feel and look like genuine teeth
Once those implants are in your mouth, you won’t have to fret about them feeling fake or strangers around you becoming convinced that they aren’t the real thing. When you receive dental implants from our staff at either Corby or Leicester, those new “teeth” will appear and feel precisely like the real teeth that never left your jaw.

You can progress towards benefitting from dental implants when you book a free consultation with us; our contact details are on our website.

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