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5 tips to get the full benefit of your Invisalign treatment

October 10, 2017

For bringing your teeth into proper alignment, Invisalign is a more conveniently discreet alternative to traditional braces. The treatment involves wearing, on the teeth, near-invisible aligners which, every fortnight, are changed. It is recommended those aligners are worn for no less than 22 hours daily; this has various implications for measures you should take while undergoing Invisalign treatment. Here are some tips on which you can act to help realise the best results.

Don’t fret about initial discomfort

While the treatment won’t be entirely without pain, you should resist perceiving anguish in the first few days as a sign of things to come. Much of it is likely to fade thereafter. In an account written on A Healthy Slice of Life, Brittany Dixon reports that her first few days after having attachments put in place saw noticeable pain. However, this went on to subside; you could remember this if, after we have given you Invisalign trays in Leicester or Corby, you have unexpected discomfort.

Be careful with your coffee consumption

Any drink capable of staining your teeth can do the same to your aligners. Good examples of such drinks are tea, coffee and red wine. Naturally, you can take out those aligners before you start sipping, as you can before eating any food or having any other drink as well. However, you will have only two hours in total during which to eat and drink each day.

Stick to drinking only cold water

One type of drink that you don’t need to resist while wearing those aligners is cold water, as recommended on POPSUGAR. Hot tea, on the other hand, will warp those attachments, while plaque can too easily gather if you drink anything alcoholic or sugary.

So, for rehydrating your thirst in a more convenient manner, you could make a habit of drinking cold water outside of those two hours in which you are permitted to leave out those aligners.

Don’t clean the aligners with toothpaste

Brushing your teeth daily is obviously a recommended practice for maintaining good hygiene; however, surprising though this may be, you should resist cleaning the aligners with toothpaste, says Shape. This is because that toothpaste has abrasive ingredients which could make those trays appear murky and yellow. Frankly, that would be even more unsightly than a bit of food stuck between your teeth – and, obviously, would compromise the aligners’ useful discreetness.

Be patient in waiting for the treatment to work

On average, a patient will receive Invisalign for a year before this treatment can be dropped. In your case, you might even only have to wait three months, assuming that your orthodontic problem is relatively mild. However, treatment times can greatly vary between patients.

Furthermore, your own tenure of requiring Invisalign could be unexpectedly extended at a late stage. Therefore, it’s worth preparing yourself for such a possibility. We will do our best to make the whole process easier for you; get in touch with our Corby or Leicester practice to learn about how.

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