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How Long Does Invisalign Take?

July 14, 2020

One of the most effective ways of obtaining perfect teeth is the use of Invisalign. It is used for proper teeth alignment to straighten teeth. However, how long an Invisalign takes to work depends entirely on the natural setting of the teeth and the kind of correction required. On average, Invisalign can take 12 to 18 months to work, although you can start noticing a difference in the course of the first few weeks.

Understanding Invisalign

Before you start using Invisalign to correct your teeth, you must have a proper understanding of what exactly it is and how it works. Thereafter, you will have a more realistic expectation about how long it could take to work for you.

how long does invisalign take

Invisalign is used to straighten crooked teeth to align them very well and with near invisibility. It helps make your smile more endearing. They are an upgrade over the traditional braces. The use of Invisalign is also an option in those cases where teeth are formed unusually since childhood.

Also, make a note that Invisalign is different from veneers, Veneers are used more often to take care of cosmetic issues like poorly shaped teeth, chipped tooth, or severely discolored teeth.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is fast becoming a favorite among those who want to straighten their teeth comfortably and affordably. Wearing braces was never a pretty sight and many children refuse to wear them.

However, modern Invisalign is virtually invisible, made from superior quality plastic, and made especially to fit the teeth and gums of the wearer. These braces are a lot more comfortable and with time, the teeth that were realigned are gradually pressed back into place. They are also proving to be more effective with results being achieved in much less time.

Traditional Braces v/s Invisalign

Traditional braces are made from wires and they often have to tighten around the teeth and gums, causing a lot of discomforts and often pain, and producing problems while eating. That is because not all food items could be had and food particles would often get lodged between the metal as well. Often metal brackets also have to be attached and that can result in a lot of pain. However, with these braces, you are not likely to hate the process so much.

Why Invisalign Is Better than Braces

Why Invisalign Is Better than Braces?

Unfortunately for some, the teeth do not always grow out in a neat row. Some might be misaligned while for others the entire upper or lower row seems to jut out and they would like to shift it back into place. Invisalign is much stronger than it looks.

You can wear an Invisalign with ease and not feel as cumbersome or uncomfortable as you do with traditional braces. You will feel less conscious of yourself than you usually would have done in the company of people, while talking or laughing, because of their invisible nature. It is easier to get them off if need be and they can be cleaned more easily.

Getting Fitted For Invisalign

Much like the traditional braces, Invisalign works best when it fits properly. It could as little as one appointment for you to determine the perfect shape and size which you will wear long-term till the entire set of teeth is pushed back into place. A new set of aligners can be replaced every two weeks until the procedure is over and the results are great.

The aligners are created specifically for the patient, with their measurements and their movement of the mouth taken into consideration, which was not the case with the traditional braces and you had to get what was available. 

How Long Does Invisalign Take To Work?

Invisalign braces would work best if they have been custom made. Invisalign is available for regular use, but those with severe problems will benefit the most only if the braces were made according to the measurements of the mouth and the pressure came exactly where it is needed. That makes sense, or else if there isn’t adequate pressure, the Invisalign would fail to do its job.

A dentist should take your measurements and he would tell you about how much time would it take to push back the teeth in place, and how long would the Invisalign have to be worn.

Note– Invisalign also works faster with children, since their gums and teeth are more pliant than that of an adult.

Invisalign And Orthodontics

Most people with teeth malformation believe that they need to visit a cosmetic dental surgeon for the proper repositioning of their teeth, but there is a branch of dentistry that caters specifically to this problem. Orthodontics is that special branch of dentistry that especially deals with the correction of badly formed teeth and strives to give the patients perfect rows of pearlies.

Why Invisalign Is Better

How Traditional Dentistry Works And Why Invisalign Is Better?

Traditionally, metal wires are used with orthodontics brackets or braces and they are usually made of stainless steel. One variation is the Invisalign, which has the same functions. On the other hand, if there are problems in the jaw growth, then certain functional appliances are used to redirect it and assist in the process, this is carried out by our specialist colleagues.

Jaw dimensions cannot be altered if there are problems from birth and we work with specialists to help you. Dental surgeons often recommend Invisalign to patients after a difficult dental realignment surgery, to hold the teeth in position till they are perfectly set.

Overall, a lot of misalignments in the mouth can be corrected with the help of Invisalign, and almost every patient has left with a newfound confidence in themselves. Contact your dentist today to advise you about the Invisalign best suited for you.


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