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What Are Invisalign Attachments? – Complete Guide

July 21, 2021

Not long ago, if a patient had a tooth that was crooked or out of alignment, they would have to wear metal braces for over a year.

These were bulky and made chewing difficult. More than that, they looked weird and made you feel awkward.

All of this changed when Invisalign Clear Aligners became available. Made of clear polymer and almost weightless and invisible, they provided enough pressure to cure malocclusion but with no hassle.

The most recent development has been Invisalign Attachments. These help the aligner and together they produce a miraculous effect.

What are Invisalign Attachments?

Invisalign Aligners are an excellent treatment for malocclusion. They can align your misshapen tooth in as little as eight weeks.

But without the springs and levers that metal braces have, they cannot exert enough force if the problem is acute.

Invisalign has always prided themselves on their R&D capabilities. They came up with an answer that is elegant and practical known as Invisalign Attachments.

The Invisalign Attachments are tiny enamel-colored dots that are placed on teeth. Their purpose is to provide a stable anchor and bring more pressure to bear at specific points.

The aligners are able to exert greater pressure at these selected sites and gradually move teeth back into place effortlessly.

It’s not that the aligners don’t work without Invisalign Attachments but adding the latter makes the solution more perfect.

After all, would you settle for a 90% smile if you could go for 100%? We are sure every patient would covet a brilliant smile.

Cost of Invisalign treatments

How are the Attachments fixed?

Three exceptional features mark the uniqueness of Invisalign Attachments. These patented features are known as Smart Track™, Smart Staging™, Smart Force™.

As the name indicates, they leave nothing to chance. With exceptional use of digital technology, Invisalign has created algorithms that can predict accurately which tooth needs to be moved how far and calculate the degree of force to be applied.

Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, nothing is left to chance and the experience of the dentist. The doctor’s training is augmented by expert advice provided through tooth imaging.

The Invisalign Attachment can exert the correct force needed to rotate a tooth into place or place enough pressure to straighten it.

They are shaped depending on the patient’s condition, and no two are alike. Made from polymers that have high elasticity, they apply gentle and constant pressure, causing no pain.

They are tiny and of natural color. Even if you took off your aligners, it is unlikely anyone would notice them unless they are scrutinized.

These tiny buttons are fixed to the tooth with dental glue and can be removed easily by a dental professional.

Does everyone need Invisalign Attachments?

Not at all. It depends on the severity of your problem and the opinion of experts. If the malocclusion is minor, aligners would do the job superbly.

If more force is required, attachments provide the same. They add reliability and make the result swift.

Invisalign Attachments Complete Guide

Do Invisalign Attachments cause pain?

When it is first fixed, there is discomfort. Having something foreign inside the mouth would naturally seem strange.

The aligners use more force at specific points and that might cause you slight pain. The teeth have deep roots in the jaw. Any type of treatment uses constant pressure to move the tooth out of its natural position.

The discomfort is however quite low and diminishes over a week as the jaws get used to the new treatment.

If you feel a lot of pain, the dentist would prescribe mild medication for a day or two.

Do Invisalign Attachments pose any risk?

Do they pose any risk to your tooth? Can your tooth be somehow damaged? Absolutely not.

All types of treatment provided by Invisalign are completely safe and used by millions around the world.

However, the attachments increase the surface area of dental material. Debris from food might become trapped and cause plaque. This is not desirable.

This only happens if you do not care for teeth. Regular brushing and cleaning would prevent any plaque buildup. You also have to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate for optimal oral hygiene.

Can Invisalign Attachments become unstuck?

In some cases, they can. They are tiny, and if you swallow them, they cause no damage. As soon as you discover that one is missing, ask the dentist to provide a replacement.

At the end of the treatment period, they are removed by the dentist with no fuss at all. Nothing remains to show that you had the attachments once for treatment except for a mouthful of immaculate pearly whites.

Invisalign treatments cost

Are they expensive in the UK?

If you consider the enormous advantages of Invisalign treatments, they are not expensive at all. The total cost of treatment varies between £1,000 and £4,000, depending on your care provider and their fee structure.

At Natural Smiles we offer the most competitive and affordable pricing in the UK. Compare our charges to those of our competitors and you would know the difference instantly.

How do I get Invisalign Attachments?

The process is really simple. Call us and make an appointment. We have a number of expert dental care professionals on our staff.

Your dental condition would be diagnosed, and a course of treatment prescribed. If you wish, we can provide you with Invisalign treatment immediately.

There would be periodic checkups, and minor adjustments made to aligners and attachments. After a few months, your tooth alignment would be normal.


Your smile is hugely important. It is the cornerstone of your self-confidence.

Till now it was quite difficult to set misshapen teeth right. The treatment was long, laborious, and painful.

With brand new technology provided by Invisalign and the fine-tuning that the attachments are able to provide, all that is history.

Of course, not everyone needs the attachments, but they make your recovery easier and more complete.

Give us a call and we shall help you smile.

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