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6 brace-friendly foods

January 18, 2018

If a brace has just been fitted or tightened in your mouth, this could have various unwelcome implications for how you live your life while waiting for the brace to straighten your teeth.

For example, if the brace is fixed, you might need to rethink what you eat. You could feel pain during your first few days of wearing a brace, and eating certain foods could add to the pain. So, what should you eat instead?

Hard vegetables… that have been softened

As a general rule, you should avoid hard or sticky foods, as these could damage the brace. However, you can exempt hard vegetables from this rule provided that, before eating them, you steam them until they soften and so can be easily bitten, as WikiHow explains.

Raw carrots are out unless they are cut into miniscule pieces, while corn should be eaten only as kernels; don’t think about corn on the cob.

Mashed potato

You might count potato as a hard vegetable, but it’s obviously much softer if it’s mashed. Another attraction of mashed potato is that you can tuck into many different forms of it.

Authority Dental highlights some brace-friendly mashed potato meal ideas. Fancy some slow cooker buttery garlic herb mashed potatoes? Sweet potato and cauliflower mash? Loaded skillet mashed potatoes? Those are just some types of mashed potato that won’t be harsh on your brace.


As is the case with mashed potato, there are plenty of different types of rice which you can eat without causing aches.

The options include cheesy zucchini rice, cheddar chive rice and vegetable fried rice. One plus point of the last of those is that the vegetables can be consumed in small, rather than large, chunks; that’s another reason why, with this meal, you can avoid hazards to your brace.


The liquid makeup of soup can prevent it even feeling particularly like a food. The types of soup from which you could choose include slow cooker split pea soup, homemade tomato soup, roasted garlic potato soup, creamy tortellini soup and cream of chicken soup.


The Italians have clearly long been onto something with this kind of dish. This is yet another type of food where variety is abundant; hence, even if you think you don’t like pasta, you might come across a form of pasta that is actually surprisingly pleasing to your taste buds.

The options which you should consider include creamy garlic herb mushroom spaghetti, baked cream cheese spaghetti, one pot garlic parmesan pasta and bacon-parmesan spaghetti squash.

Moist cakes

Cakes can be a guilty pleasure for many of us – though, when eating moist cakes like cinnamon swirl loaf, sticky lemon cakes or blueberry sour cream coffee cakes, you wouldn’t need to feel any particularly strong guilt about what effects this food is having on your brace.

Alternatively, you could settle for a brace that isn’t fixed and so could be removed for eating occasions. This brace can be provided by a Natural Smiles dentist in Corby or Leicester.

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