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The top natural remedies for post-dental surgery

January 27, 2018

Looking for natural remedies to soothe you after dental surgery? Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Cauliflower comes up trumps

Cauliflower is mooted repeatedly for its nutritional benefits, loaded as it is with B- vitamins and high in fibre too. So cook a simple soup to boost your nutrient intake and help you on the road to recovery.  There are lots of recipes available online, take a look, and you’ll see.

Marigolds make the grade

The humble pot marigold otherwise known as Calendula officinalis has long been heralded for its medicinal benefits, having both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties – making it a great choice for a post-dental surgery natural remedy.

You can use marigolds to make tea or as mouthwash; and they have even become popular as edible flowers suitable for your culinary efforts. Pot Marigolds are the plain, single flowered variety – not the fussy, frilly ones sometimes used as summer bedding; and as well as helping you after dental surgery, they make a great companion plant for your vegetable plot too.

Like liquorice?

As a young child, you might have run down to your local sweet shop and bought a liquorice root on which to chew. However, as well as having a great flavour and being the basis for so many of our favourite sweet treats, they also have medicinal benefits, making them ideal post-dental surgery.

Like some marigolds, liquorice has anti-inflammatory benefits, however, from a dental perspective, it offers, even more, including encouraging tissue to heal, reducing plaque, and protecting you against the formation of cavities. Moreover, this humble root is also believed to have properties similar to a painkiller.

So liquorice could help you when you’re recovering from dental surgery or if you have a mouth sore too, relieving your pain and inflammation. You can still buy dried liquorice roots, but you can also now purchase teas, capsules, tablets and more if chewing on a root is not to your liking.

Myrrh is a marvel            

Myrrh may be a substance that you primarily associate with the Christmas story, and indeed it has long been wrapped up in legends and religion, but look back, and you’ll find that for just as long it has been imbued with soothing and restorative properties. Step back in time, and you’ll find the Ancient Egyptians used it for its antiseptic benefits to clean and heal wounds for example, and it’s an integral part of Chinese medicine too.

Today, Myrrh is believed to have antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties, so you can see how it could help you after dental surgery. In fact, Myrrh has been used as a mouthwash and a tincture to help deter infections and to help with the process of tissue repair; but as when using any essential oil, always practice caution when using it; and seek appropriate advice first.

Moving forward

So as you can see, there are a number of natural remedies available to help you recover from dental surgery. Just be mindful of the fact that you should never ingest a plant you are not entirely confident about identifying, if you’re not, then buy your natural remedies from a reputable health food shop or herbalist. Also, contact our skilled team for advice about your dental health.


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